Welcome to our integrated advice world. We handle the unexpected.

Welcome to our integrated advice world. We handle the unexpected. - Risk Consulting Network

 We protect you, what you do and what you have, every day.

Through a coordinated sequential support we help you identify, measure and control risks you might come across in your ordinary or extraordinary business activities.

Thanks to the best methodologies techniques and tools, we can create the ultimate operating systems allowing you to protect your assets through suitable and adequate risk management solutions. 

The right solution that suits your needs, nothing left to chance or improvisation.

With over 20 years of field experience in managing business risks, alongside entrepreneurs CEOs and board members, we can support you in all your projects. What you plan, we protect.

Why us and not our competitors?

Why us and not our competitors? - Risk Consulting Network

A potential customer asking for our support might need:


•  our constantly updated skilled support,

•  full and continuous risks monitoring on activities and assets,

•  reduce risk management costs and time,

•  management support through remote control of all on-going activities and deadlines,

•  reduce extra workload  on employees,

•  reduce overall protection costs for business and assets,

•  feel protected by a tireless guardian.

About us

About us - Risk Consulting Network

We are professionals passionate for our job,  we never give up even if at first it might  seem impossible, we are a team that is never happy with our initial solution and we keep on developing options until we reached the best solution.

We believe in finding solutions that are simple and easy to apply, designed and built on costumer’s needs.

We believe that managing business risks may be necessary to help the decision making processes based on our accurate information and precise knowledge.


Our strength lies in our team and in its plurality of consolidated experience together with a constant innovation that we make available to our customers.

CRC Group

CRC Group - Risk Consulting Network

CRC was funded thanks to the synergy between professionals working in risk management business. The continuous and accurate search for solutions matching production and operational characteristics based on North-eastern Italian industrial network, creates the perfect set of circumstance to promote and set up a response mechanism dealing with changing and complex needs of those who operates in an internationalized and globalized economic environment.

Our mission is to find solutions to enable you to contain costs, streamline operations and rationalize resources to turn risks into opportunities.


In ItalyCRC is the most complete consulting service for integrated management of risks, used by businesses whether private, public, insurance companies or banks.


What we can do for your business

- Risk Analysis - Risk Assessment & Operational harzard management

- Design, development, deployment, operational structures for risk management

- Continuous support for risk management activities with R&D and audits system


in particular:

  • Identification of high-risk with economic impact
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Risk measurement
  • Risk and loss prevention
  • Risk and loss reduction
  • Insurance risk transfer
  • Alternative risk transfer
  • Business impact analysis
  • Insurance contracts analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Crisis management and business continuity management
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM)
  • Complete management with monitoring and control obligations pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 systems via cloudbased tools
  • Business management systems (ISO 14000, 18000, ...)
  • Specific training in risk management


Partners - Risk Consulting Network


Partners - Risk Consulting Network